Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Well..its been awhile

Well just when you think these Will calm and you think you are all done fostering after boys left. I was a mess I shut down . I prayed for there safety and I prayed for them to come back and long behold in November my prayes were answered. NOW we have adopted these two sweet boys and I could not be happier.. Broken is no longer Broken and he loves his mommy and I am so thankful to be a family of seven.. LIFE IS GREAT,, sorry it has took me a while to update on here .. I have been super crazy 1. adoption great day.. 2. Jesse had shoulder surgery a week after and Baby had surgery the next week and then kids out for summer and we have 5 kids so it s crazy love every min of it we got sealed in the Temple in June and oh did I mention I am in the young women presidency and we had girls camp and its been crazy to sum it all UP we are doing great ....

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